Silly video clips have exploded in number the last twenty years, and most are really not bothering with. Occasionally though, there’s one you want to watch and then watch again, scratching your head.

Speaking of exploding, that’s what the surface of a lake does when this guy, with a playful-demon grin on his face, empties a partial bucket of water onto the edge of a river in Florida.

The relatively small quantity of water makes modest contact with the edge of the river, the phrase just a drop in the bucket comes to mind. Yet many yards in to the center of the water, you’d think that a torpedo had exploded and stirred up some violent sea monster.

Experts think that manatees–a protected species–were startled and reacted. Officials are looking in to the water tosser, prepared to give him a hard time.

But if manatees spook from that light a disturbance, wouldn’t they go nuts whenever any creature, or falling branch, disturbs the water anywhere remotely near them? And if so, what’s the big deal about this guy bailing water from his boat, disturbing them just a little more?

The more you think about that video clip the less sense it makes. If you accept the startled-manatee theory, then those animals should all die of heart attacks before they could even reproduce. They all over-react in ridiculous fashion.

Just what does cause the explosion in the water, from only a few drops tossed in?