The photographs speak so much more loudly than the words.

Nazi artifacts, most of them with the Uber-iconic swastika attached. A case full of harmonicas, but with the Nazi insignia in clear view. A large, stunning dagger, obviously of significance to some high Nazi official.

A eagle representing The Third Reich with an impressive swastika below his feet. And even a shiny bust of the man himself, of Adolf Hitler. All of these things found in a secret room, apparently a shrine to the memory of The Reich. Found in Argentina, where many Nazis fled after the war.

Historical sleuths will follow Nazi trails forever. What precisely were the purposes and meaning of the less common artifacts and instruments in the find? Who got this impressive trove of items across the Atlantic into the country? Were higher Third Reich officials involved, and did they live on, in anonymity, for years?

Take your own look at photos of the artifacts, and begin the journey of reconstructing this corner of the Nazi past.