Some instinct tells us that this story conceals a few interesting layers, if one started pealing them away.

It’s not that unusual, really, for a criminal to get his life so tangled up that suicide starts to look like an option. But this guy had an amazing history. Like others, he was addicted to lying, crime, and very bold con games. He went away for some daring acts of embezzlement in 2011.

Still trying to raise a family in 2018, things caved in on him again, it seems.

The curious case of a man suspected of jumping off a 150-foot bridgeinto an icy river Wednesday – but whose body was never found – keeps getting more interesting.

Now it turns out that the alleged jumper, Anthony Joseph Sisonick III, is wanted on forgery and identity theft charges, is reporting.

He’s now considered a fugitive…

John Luciew,, January 4, 2018

Professionals were dragging the river, looking anywhere, but no live con man.

Several months later, we’re not aware of anyone finding this guy. How can a family man disappear into thin air, well, let us count the ways. All of which involve some very interesting scenarios, stand by.