You might call it the ultimate missing persons case.

Because it wasn’t just one person or two people, or an whole family that vanished.  An entire colony of settlers, in effect a new, budding civilization, disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

It was the first attempt by the English to colonize the New World.  In 1587 some 117 colonists, including several children, began a new life at the north end of Roanoke Island in what is now North Carolina.  They found the going rough and sent leader John White back to England to ask for further provisions, but due to European wars he could not return to look for them until 1590.

imagesWhen he did, nothing.  Just the name Croatoan carved into wood, and a disassembled village.   And the beginning of a mystery that has confounded for over four hundred years.  An award-winning play “The Lost Colony,” that runs each summer near the sight of the New World’s most famous disappearance.  Dozens of books, and centuries of serious attention from everyone from amateur sleuths to emiment historians.

For lovers of true mystery, a perfect target–the whole package.  The vanishing of over a hundred people with no trace, and large implications for history.  Scant but tantalizing clues.  Myth and legend filtering back from generations of native peoples, and Europeans.  And new clues revealed, as if in a long but fascinating movie, as time goes by.

Join us as we contemplate the fate of the Colony at Roanoke, The Lost Colony.