Suren “Chris” Donoyan


There’s not that much known about what happened, yet, but that never stopped a good Hollywood scriptwriter. In fact, a startling event surrounded by questions everywhere can be the essence of excellent mystery. Hollywood style, and real life as well.


“No one heard anything,” the police have said in frustration. No shots, loud noises, nothing, in a case that leaves authorities with empty hands, three years in.


Suren “Chris” Donoyan was a successful Hollywood executive minding his own business in his “upscale” apartment, on November 20, 2014. Someone entered and shot him, in the back of the head.


Investigators have ruled out robbery as a motive–valuables were left at the scene. No sign of a struggle, no evidence to draw a picture from.


The only clues to animate the investigation, and that Hollywood script, are circumstantial. His brother had stopped by lend him some money, because Chris admitted to being in financial straights.


That always captures a good detective’s attention: You owed money? To whom? For what kinds of business dealings?



And, get this, his brother later remembered a sense of being hurried away from the apartment, as if someone else might be inside, out of sight. Well, that livens up the story. And a security camera on property–apparently missing.


That’s all we know, and authorities offer a $50,000 reward to know more.


Wouldn’t it be ironic if a small studio buys a script one day, for $50,000, and makes a movie that tells the true story before the police do?


Stand by.