Diane Schüler was careful, responsible, even fastidious.  She ran a financial division of Cablevision, ran a home as the mother of two, broke no laws, gave no sense of being irresponsible in any way.

Then one day she drove, at high speed in broad daylight, the wrong way on the Taconic Parkway in New York.  Several drivers coming at her had dodged out of her way, but she didn’t seem to notice. Then the SUV that didn’t react in time, and the horrible head-on crash.  Four of the dead were either her or her sister’s children.  The three persons in the car she hit all died, and four families were crushed, forever.Unknown-10

Some say she had a painfully abcessed tooth, which she medicated that day any way she could.  Significant levels of alcohol, and marijuana, were said to be found in her system.  But how does that explain the behavior of such a paragon of responsibility?  What happened that day on the Taconic Parkway?