john-f-kennedy-assassinationThose of us who were alive then, we all remember where we were on November 22, 1963.  The murder of a young, vibrant President was a defining moment of the era, and echoes to this day.

After over half a century of controversy concerning the whole story, and hundreds of books, JFK’s death is the grandfather of all murder mysteries.  Naturally it must be addressed by Mind Over Mystery.

We will not necessarily crack the code, put an end to the speculation, or write the 900th book on the subject, but we can help illuminate promising avenues to analyze. We can help separate the wheat from the chaff. In many ways, the most interesting parts of the mystery are the sidebars:  careers changed forever by proximity to the tragedy, and entire careers devoted to Kennedy Assassination Studies, to chasing ultimate, perhaps unknowable answers.  Then there’s the mystery within a mystery of Jack Ruby, whose world was connected to images-3people who hated Kennedy.  Yet he supposedly become so enraged at the murder that he, in turn, murdered the alleged sniper.

Most of all there’s the specter of respectable public figures, from Walter Cronkite to Earl Warren, losing credibility as much of the public concluded they had not been told the truth, and the whole truth, about Kennedy’s death.   That tragic day in November was followed by sad days for years to come, in which numerous public servants lied into the faces of those they were supposed to serve.

What happened with the murder, the aftermath, the investigation, the media?  Mind Over Mystery will try to shed a little light into the darkness.