Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker by cyanide capsule, then shooting himself in the head in Berlin, April 30, 1945. He died with his long-term mistress, Eva Braun, whom he had married a day before, and his dogs. Germany surrendered to the Allied Forces shortly thereafter. 

At least that’s the way it reads in your history textbook. 

When journalists entered the bombed bunker asking about Hitler’s remains, they were told he was taken away and buried. Apparently, in the 1970s he was dug up and cremated, except for a few kept skull fragments. In 2009, DNA testing revealed the bones belonged to an unidentified woman. Another recent Russian study claims to have custody of his teeth and that they confirm he indeed died from poisoning and a gunshot… but doubts remain. 

The real Hitler, for security reasons, had numerous doubles over the years. A theory goes that he had one of them shot at the bunker to play the part of a dead Hitler. The real Hitler,, paranoid about being captured, carefully plotted an escape using a network of secret tunnels, flying to the Canary Islands, then taking a U-boat to Argentina, where he lived on. 

a declassified FBI file places Hitler aboard a submarine on route to Argentina. The country had a huge number of Nazi supporters that could have received and helped Hitler move to a secure location. Supposedly, he was sighted in Argentina several times in the years just after the war. 

In 2017, a large collection of  Nazi artifacts were discovered in the hidden room of a Buenos Aires house. The weapons, medical devices, busts, and Hitler portrait now reside in Argentina’s Holocaust Museum. 

To this day, there is no absolute confirmation of his death. No eyewitnesses. No evidence.

Many wonder just how deep the Nazi penetration of South America after the war went.   Several other major war criminals were discovered there by Nazi hunters, Hitler’s presence was only rumored. 

Still, if faced with impending capture in a collapsing war effprt, would you commit suicide or escape if you had the chance?

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