We need to know – Featured this week…

The case of Michelle O’Connell, from our Crime and Disappearance Section:

Michelle’s case, a death on Sept. 2, 2010, was officially ruled a suicide by medical  examiners but remains complex and controversial:

1. We need independent testing of the weapon used.  What are the results of firing it upside down, as per the theory of ME Dr. Bulic (see the visual in the Frontline Documentary from November, 2013)?  Would upside-down firing necessarily cause injuries to  hands?  Is it possible the Tac Light could be thrust forward into an eyelid as per the theory?

2. We also need the opinion of suicide specialists within the field of psychology/psychiatry.  What are the statistics for mothers of young children committing suicide?  Given Michelee’s overall profile, how likely do they judge a suicide in her case?

3. Thirdly, we need examination of  Jeremy Banks video-taped interviews, and other recorded  comments, by specialists in behavioral analysis and deception detection.  How do the professionals judge his testimony and comments?


The Curious Death of Brittany Murphy and Simon Monjack, from our Medical and Scientific Section

Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, died several months apart in the same Hollywood mansion of the same diagnosis, pneumonia.  In our research, we can use help:

1) We do not have the reports from the Medical Examiners. Can you help us acquire these?

2)  Are there written reports that exist about the later discovery of mold in the home?  And are there articles, accessible to the layman, about the potential of mold to produce pneumonia or similarly serious respiratory illness?

3) Is there any corroboration to the allegation that traces of toxic metals in Murphy’s hair samples suggest deliberate contamination?