Everything about flight 007 was odd, the route, the communication, the whole works.  It flew right over and through some of the most sensitive areas in all of the eastern Soviet Union.  South Korea, and its ally the United States, maintain the violation of Soviet air space was an honest mistake, while the Russians, and numerous journalists worldwide, strongly disagreed.

What’s beyond dispute is that, after trailing the plane for some time, a Soviet fighter fired a missile, blowing it out of the sky and killing some 269 people.  President Ronald Reagan called the destruction of the plane “a crime against humanity.”Unknown-5

With many of the key players on one side killed in the incident, key players on the other deep behind the Soviet “Iron Curtain,” and the shroud of top-secret intelligence activities over the whole matter, how will we ever know the truth?

We may not, but historical context, a thorough review of documents, and the critical thinking process may allow us to know the most plausible explanation.

The tragic end of Korean Air flight 007.  Join us in a search for the truth.