On the surface there’s no mystery at all, just the original, tortured Hollywood superstar, all coquettish smiles on the outside, with pain and desperation on the inside.  She had been depressed, and under psychiatric care for years.  One night when her despair was deep she went too far, and her death by overdose seemed ordained, the end that fate had in store for our Marilyn.

456694045_640But more than pain lies just below the surface of a death.  Untold stories, hidden connections and other secrets, can lie sleeping in the grave as well.  Some of America’s most powerful men breathed more easily once Marilyn was dead.  And key evidence, by accident or by intent, was gone with the wind of a scandal that perhaps was, or perhaps only seemed to be.

What happened in the months before Marilyn’s death, and what happened that night?  Join us  on a  journey of tragic discovery.