Not far from the world headquarters of Mind Over Mystery, a man runs for the Arizona State Senate. A routine thing, until it’s revealed that he once shot someone to death–in fact it was his mother! He was eighteen. Whoa!

“Bobby Wilson Confesses He Murdered His Mother and Sister Last Thursday,” screamed a 1963 headline from his hometown weekly paper. But he never stood trial, due to “amnesia” and related mental stresses. The issue sort of.. went away… as much as multiple, violent deaths ever will.

Bobby Wilson

Now he runs as a “stand your ground” type of pro-gun candidate. He asserts his mother was totally bat-crap crazy, about to kill him, and he simply fired first. He asserts that “a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun,” although in this case the bad guy was his own mother. Double whoa!

A lot for the voters to chew on. But that’s not all.

You see, the bodies of his mother and sister were found laid out on a bed, charred, because the home had “exploded” and burned to a crisp, and most everything in it. And the way the bodies were found, some say that’s very inconsistent with a defensive shooting.

They think that if mister amnesia remembered, or were honest, about what went down, it would have been him going berserk and murdering his family members.

A triple whoa. And just a whole lot for Arizona voters to chew on.