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The Ghosts of Chappaquiddick: Can We Ever Escape Ourselves?

Time moved on and he served an astounding 46 years in the U.S. Senate, until his death in 2009. But the cloud, the mystery, and the unseemly smell of the incident never entirely went away. The best spin doctors money can buy could never quite cleanse the image of a girl drowning in a car while the Senator went on about his business. And different theories have emerged of precisely what happened those hours of July 18 and early the 19th, 1969.

We set off to explore personal tragedy, wrapped in political intrigue.

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Amanda Knox: Guilty of Murder, or of Being From the United States?

Now that the murder case recedes into history, you’ll hear less and less about Amanda Knox. But what happened in Perugia, Italy that fateful evening that so ignited emotions on both sides of the Atlantic? Why the loathing, and informal conviction of Knox by the mainstream Italian press, and Italian people, years ago? Amanda’s case is a classic small town tale, of bias and posturing, and genuine crime, and corruption. What journey of understanding can she take us on?

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Bernie Madoff: Can One Man Con Millions all on His Own?

There’s an old saying among professional swindlers that “you can’t con an honest man.” The “mark” was looking for something for nothing, or even running their own con, and just got taken in by a better one. A rationalization? Yes, but don’t be too quick to dismiss it. What type of person does fall for the too-good-to-be-true scenarios that con men concoct, and who enables them?

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