This Month: Didn’t you know? The Moon Landing never took place, except in a television studio in Houston. Oliver Stone directed.

That’s the story line of those who believe the moon launch never happened.

Our initial comments:

To believe that the astronauts actually set foot on the moon, lived to tell the tale, and returned safely to earth, you have to believe in a scientific near-perfection. Systems to sustain life functioning with no fatal gaps for days under harsh conditions. Hitting a target the equivalent of a bull’s eye at a half-mile away, the lunar orbit, then getting guys down to the moon, then back up on special gadgetry. Then getting back to earth, through the atmosphere to a safe landing. Think of everything that could go wrong with that scenario.

One the other hand, to believe that the moon landing was merely an event staged in a secure television studio somewhere, you have to believe that the elite fighter pilots who comprised the astronauts were willing to engage in sham, to make bureaucrats who had promised a moon landing by a date certain look good. Or to impress the Russians, or something.

In fact, literally hundreds of scientists, technicians, engineers (worldwide for that matter because monitoring posts were supposedly everywhere)… that all these people could be in on the Big Secret, and then go half a century without spilling the beans. To anyone, not to their wife on their deathbed, not to someone at a bar after several drinks. Ever.

Secrets that big are nearly impossible to keep. Many of the people involved, the elite pilots, the scientists, would likely have swallowed full-length swords before participating in such a sham. Yet there’s never been a hint from any responsible party that the landing was a Hoax.

Hard as the science of a successful moon landing is to believe, the psychology of a hoax with hundreds of participants is even harder to swallow. Really much harder.

That does leave a number of anomalies, such as the moon landing photos with shadows coming from stage directions, and the like.
Forum style, we can discuss what the most likely explanation for those phenomena are.. If you have good information or theories, join in.